Now is a good time to plant new trees, shrubs, climbers and turf.  The soil is still warm enough to allow root growth and establishment – also in autumn to move existing trees and shrubs.  Bare root plants will be available in November for hedging and larger projects.

Keep dead heading late flowering plants to extend the season as long as possible and keep up with the weeding.

Remove your exhausted summer bedding from containers and hanging baskets.  Add a few inches of new compost and replant with winter bedding, such as pansies, violas, primulas, ivies, dwarf conifers, heucheras and  heathers.  Add in a mix of spring bulbs to the containers for an added show.

Speaking of bulbs, now is the time to start planting bulbs in the ground too for spring flowering, but leave your tulip bulbs to last – even up to Christmas.

Life and divide congested herbaceous perennial plants, replanting the strongest parts which are usually the outermost sections.

Don’t forget to stretch a net over your pond before leaves start to fall.  Fallen leaves in the pond will rot down and take oxygen from the water.

On a sunny day this month, give your greenhouse a good clean out, removing all the shading.  Give the glazing, floors and benches a good going over with some Jeyes Fluid  to clear all fungal spores and pests that may be hiding in gaps and cracks of the frame.  Keep an eye on the weather and potential frosts and cut back and pot up tender plants and bring them into your clean greenhouse to over-winter.  Continue to open vents and doors except on very cool days to keep the air circulating and help to prevent diseases.  Close the green house down an hour before dark to retain heat overnight.

We have already had our first autumn gale, so check plant supports and stakes are secure, and thin out and reduce the height of roses and top-heavy shrubs to prevent wind rock which will damage roots.

I’m off to plant bulbs in client’s gardens this month for a spring show…