As I write this, it is raining hard, the wind is blowing strongly around our garden and autumn leaves flying everywhere.  The first frosts of the season are about to arrive, the clocks have gone back and it is time for hearty autumn and winter soups to warm you up after a session in the garden.

An Acer ablaze with autumn colour.
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An Acer ablaze with autumn colour.

So, continue to tidy up and work through your plant borders, removing weeds and cutting down dead soggy growth on good weather days.

Leave any grasses  until spring plus any seed heads for the birds to feed on.  Leaving some plant growth in place does provide cover and protection for insects and more tender plants.

Continue to harvest leaves as they fall for compost.

Still time to plant spring-flowering bulbs for a burst of colour, especially tulips.

Add some winter and spring-flowering plants to your garden to give some seasonal colour.

Bare root shrubs, trees hedging and roses will soon be available for planting.  Plant them as soon as they arrive, or heel them into a spare bit of ground until their final planting position is ready.

To prevent wind rock, shorten the shoots of roses and buddleja branches. Check your tree ties are secure and adjust if too tight.

Before the first hard frosts hit, wrap tender plants with bubble wrap, or hessian or pack with straw surrounded by a chicken wire frame.

If you are overwintering tender plants in your greenhouse, put up your insulation asap.

Give your lawnmower a good clean and service before you put it away for the season.

Fill up your bird feeders and add some fat balls and squares to give the birds a treat.