About 3 weeks ago at night we came across a hedgehog in our garden. I thought we might have some visitors as our garden is hedgehog friendly, so it was great to see it in person.  ‘Him outdoors’ got inspired and after checking out several ‘How to make a Hedgehog Home’ websites, used his excellent DIY skills and made some.  In the recent awful wet weather he disappeared into his shed over the last couple of  weekends and come up with a couple of designs made out of odd bits of wood and drainage channel he has kept – because as he says    ” you never know when they will be useful” .  The only thing he had to buy was some hay for the bedding.  Dry leaves would have done, but after making the new homes, nothing but the best was right for our visitors.

Hedgehog Home
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Design 1 – with entrance corridor to keep the draughts out

I was impressed.  We now have 3 new homes and have carefully sited them around the garden.  Fingers crossed the hedgehogs are impressed too and move in.  I will keep you updated.

Hedgehog numbers have fallen by 30% in the last 10 years – so do check out how you can make your garden more hedgehog friendly. See www.wildaboutgardens.org.uk

Design 1 interior
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Design 1 interior with hay bedding – we think a hedgehog has checked it out.

Here are some Hedgehog facts –

  • A group of hedgehogs are known as an ‘array’.
  • A young hedgehog is called a ‘hoglet’.
  • Hedgehogs have 5000-7000 quills – and each lasts around a year.
  • Hedgehogs are largely immune to snake venom.
  • Hedgehogs were first domesticated in 4BC and the Romans raised them for their quills and meat.
  • Hedgehogs are mentioned in Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  • Hedgehogs can run over 6 feet per second.
  • Hedgehogs can travel around 3 kilometres each night.