Trends come and go, in 2014 navy blue is the new black I am told.  I guess I have always taken such predictions with a pinch of salt.  In garden terms heathers and conifers have been out of fashion for years, but I don’t dismiss any plant so easily.  So here we go for 2014 …

  • In the Garden – we will be surrounding ourselves with nature to counter our busy technology driven lives.  We will be growing our own fruit and vegetables in an eco-friendly way and buying locally.  Our interest in unusual and exotic veg is on the up.  
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  • Individuality: all this time outside means more interest in garden furniture, family garden games, garden sculpture, and decorating our gardens for that individual feel and putting in lighting to enjoy our garden in the evenings.
  • Gardening for bees, insects and birds is high on our lists by choosing plants for a continuous supply of nectar, pollen, seeds and berries throughout the year.
  • Plants: to help our bees, insects and birds, planting more native plants and shrubs.  I have never understood why shrubs have been less favoured in recent years; I love them and plant them all the time, so I must be a trendsetter at last!
  • Colour and Shapes: soft flowing lines, organics shapes and for some reason, triangles.  Colour trends are simple, one colour, or shades of one colour ie green or blue or green and white – all soothing and calming.
  • We won’t just be gardening in our own gardens, community gardening and greening our urban spaces is on trend and something we can all get involved in.  The Royal Horticultural Association is involved by strongly encouraging more young people to take an interest in gardens and horticulture.

What do I like from these trends?  Planting for wildlife has always been high on my personal list and a question I always ask clients.  Native plants and shrubs get a tick too as do growing your own veg.  But ‘triangles’ what is that all about?

(Image: Potager Garden at Cambo House).